No Sleep Til Festival (Dec 10-19)

Feast your eyes on the inaugural No Sleep Til festival, a tour featuring some of the world's most legendary metal acts, as well as the up-and-coming artists. The whirlwind tour will be hitting our shores this December...
Tour Dates: 
10/12/2010 - 19/12/2010

Headlined by thrash legends Megadeth, who delivered standout performances across our nation last year, Musatine and co have announced that they will be playing their hallmark album

As I Lay Dying - The Powerless Rise (Metal Blade/Riot)

The world’s pre-eminent Christian metalcore henchmen have returned with a vengeance. If you don’t have the appetite to swallow their positive message, then run for cover.

The truth is Juan Miguel hasn’t heard a single note of As I Lay Dying until The Powerless Rise joined his playlist a week ago.

Callejon - Videodrom (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Callejon are a German band variously described as metalcore, zombiecore, Screamometal and even Videometal. Their new album, Videodrom, is equally hard to categorise.

Callejon describes itself as "A furious mix of all out metal and emotional melodies" but to me they never really go all out with the metal and the melodies are not really very emot

Chimaira @ Billboard the Venue (Melbourne) 16 Jan 2010

Fans revelled in Chimaira's blend of hardcore and thrashy American metal, but left much to be desired.

Due to some scheduling conflicts (I was interviewing Baroness - stay tuned for a forthcoming article on the same metal site, same metal channel) I missed the first opener but

Dez Fafara, DevilDriver’s hard rockin' working man

Touring for almost three years straight, the human canvas and vocal powerhouse Dez Fafara of DevilDriver talks shop with Metal as Fuck as we discuss his recent Aussie tour, the workload, the demise of Coal Chamber, and his personal favourite beverage: wine.

“Man, I love being here in Australia.

Lamb of God, DevilDriver, Shadows Fall and High on Fire @ Festival Hall (Melbourne) 15 Dec 09

Festy Hall once again hosted a mini-American festival Down Under, brimming with hot, sticky and hungry-for-metal maniacs. Oh, and let's not forget Metal Santa...

Built some time in the 70s, Festival Hall has played host to countless metal acts over the years, leaving it a little worse for wear - cream colored ceilings, ancient creaky seats and wooden floors

The Red Shore sign to Roadrunner Records AU

The beleaguered Australian technical death metal band ink a deal with the Australian arm of the metal superlabel.

Australia's The Red Shore have signed a new deal with the Australian arm of Roadrunner Records, hot from the release of their new record.

Burnt by the Sun - Heart of Darkness (Relapse/Riot)

After six years, Burnt By The Sun finally return with their swansong, named after Joseph Conrad's seminal novel, which Count Gorlock claims to have read, although we reckon he's only saying that to appear all sensitive and intelligent to women so he can get his squalid little end away. Anyhoo...

This review is going to be hard.

Buried Inside – Spoils Of Failure (Relapse/Riot)

Sometimes a band can get a little too clever. Buried Inside are teetering on the edge of that with their latest album, Spoils Of Failure. Eight songs, titled one to eight in Roman numerals (i.e.: I, II, III, etc)? Come on guys, give us a break.

Neaera - Omnicide: Creation Unleashed (Metal Blade/Riot)

Germany's Neaera forged an uneasy alliance with melodic death metal and hardcore that paid dividends in the stellar Armamentarium. Eventually, some stars are destined to fall...
Release Date: 
25 May 2009 (All day)

Melodic death metal band Neaera dazzled the masses with a tempestuous flirtation with hardcore in Let the Tempest Come, a romance that blossomed into a fully-fledged marri