The Amenta

The Amenta's Tim Pope on retiring from live shows.

"In the same way that Darkthrone are not let down by playing live, I don’t think The Amenta in the long run will be."

The Amenta managed to shock the metal world late last year with their sudden announcement that they were to cease all live performances and go on an indefinite hiatus.

The Amenta: Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

I Don't Have Delicate Hands

The first impression of a band when witnessing their persona on stage comes with its curiosities. None could be more curious than The Amenta.

The Amenta: Flesh is Heir Australian Tour 2013

With special guests... Ruins!
Tour Dates: 
11/07/2013 - 14/07/2013

This music is for the true adventurer. It is extreme music. It is not industrial. It is not death metal. It is not black metal. It is The Amenta.

The Amenta: The new Album in their own words...


On March 22 2013, The Amenta, Australia's most mercurial extreme music band, released their new full length album Flesh Is Heir.

FREE!! Amenta swag up for Grabs!

Fancy a free copy of the new album? Enquire within...

Yep, Aussie extremists The Amenta have a very metal new offering, Flesh is Heir, about to come out and, thanks to the good people at Soudworks PR we've go

The Amenta - Flesh Is Heir (EVP Recordings)

Bigger. Louder. Dirtier. Sexier.
Release Date: 
22 Mar 2013 - 12:30am

Fucking Hell. The Amenta are back with a bang, kicking your door down and screaming right in your stupid, morose face as you sit there, completely freaked out.

The Amenta: Euro Tour, Reissues - It's All Happening

With a new album scheduled for release early next year, a period of intense action lies ahead for The Amenta...


The Amenta are proud to announce the release of V01D/Choke Hold through Listenable Records.


The Amenta - Choke Hold EP (Listenable Records)

A delightful snack till dinner time...
Release Date: 
3 Jun 2012 - 11:30pm

‘Blimey’ I thought, ‘This new Amenta album Choke Hold is a bit of a con – only five tracks and three of those are old tunes…’ but then

The Amenta: New Digital EP Release Details Confirmed.

In which the Australian extremeists go back to the source...

Australian extreme noise metal collective The Amenta are scheduled to release their latest digital offering Chokehold mid May through France's Listenable Records