Shrapnel - Hellbound (Self released)

Where’s a big label to release these Aussies?? The world must know the destructive power of Shrapnel!

Hell, Hell, hell grindeeeer! The refrain of the first song of the album Hellbound leaves no doubt! We’re hearing some thrash maniacal metal!

Grave Digger – The Clans will Rise Again (Napalm Records)

Dudes put on your kilts! Grave Digger is back to Scotland!

Back in 1996 Grave Digger ‘resurrected’ to metallic cult when they released their album Tunes of War.

Darkthrone - Circle the Wagons (Peaceville/Stomp)

Norwegian black metal pioneers are back! Or should I say Black/Punk pioneers? Maybe Blue Collar Metal pioneers? The fact is that Darkthrone are once again delivering the finest metal that only a band with more than 20 years of existence could offer!

Circle the Wagons is topping the string of releases which people out there are calling black punk.

Metal as Fuck Turns One!

Yes, that's right - we've turned one! What a big year it's been.

You read it right, kiddies! This esteemed metal mag has risen from out of nowhere in March 2009 and has blasted its way into your existence over twelve months... and we've just turned ONE!