2010 release

Halford - Halford IV: Made of Metal (Metal God Entertainment)

Everybody thought that Rob Halford was about to retire after a few fiascos in his career in the last years... Is Made of Metal the resurrection of the old and good Metal God?

When I saw that Halford was about to release a new album I confess I was not so excited, mainly because his last album Winter Songs, released less than one year ago, was n

Skyforger - Kurbads (Metal Blade/Riot)

Latvian music is known to be one of the most peculiar forms of ethnic music in the world. The Latvian group Skyforger was known for being the standard bearers of this culture. Is their new album able to carry on this tradition?

After seven years since the release of their last studio album Zobena Dziesma, a milestone in folk music in the vein of the most traditional folkloric  groups from Latvia, Sky

Limbonic Art - Phantasmagoria (Candlelight/Earsplit)

One of the most prominent names of the so-called Norwegian Black Metal is back with another opus. Phantasmagoria is what black metallers pompously like to call True Norwegian Black Art. Indeed, it is. But if you’re awaiting another Moon in The Scorpio, you’ll not find it here.

Limbonic Art, a name so recognized amongst the admirers of Norwegian scene, came to the forefront of Black Metal in the 1990s, with a mix of melodic dark mu