2012 Albums

Torn The Fuck Apart - ...The Dissection Of Christ (Own Label)

After Torn The Fuck Apart’s death metal analysis, it turns out He’s not the Messiah, He’s a very naughty boy...

With an album title of ...The Dissection Of Christ it doesn’t take a genius to work out Torn The Fuck Apart’s lyrical themes for this damning death metal opus.

Sinister – The Carnage Ending (Massacre Records)

Devastating Dutch Death Metal.

Despite naming their latest album The Carnage Ending, when it comes to Sinister you get the feeling this will never be the case.

High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis (Eone Music)

You know the drill by now...
Release Date: 
2 Apr 2012 - 11:30pm

Despite the fact that High on Fire have been releasing albums for years (12 to be precise – fact-fixated Ed.) there’s something gratifyingly static and gloriously immob