2012 release

Crowned - Vacuous Spectral Silence (Séance Records)

Pagan atmospheric Black Metal from Oz!

Everybody knows that nowadays Aussie metal is some of the best to be found worldwide, and that’s not even patriotism because I’m not an Aussie, but I do love Aussie Metal (or do you thi

Bloodbeast – Bloodlust (Own Label)

Production is everything!

Bloodbeast is a new South African outfit who decided to release their full length independently, out of the blue, right off the bat.

The Fallen Divine – The Binding Cycle (Indie Recordings)

Norway’s finest unlabelled metal.
Release Date: 
18 May 2012 - 12:30pm

This came completely out of the blue. The Fallen Divine recorded an EP (which no one noticed) and an album called the Binding Cycle.

Lillian Axe - XI: The Days Before Tomorrow (AFM Records)

Steve Blaze and company are determined to leave the past behind...
Release Date: 
26 Jan 2012 - 11:30pm

Aah, the ‘Axe. At one point in 1990 (in my house at least) it looked like Lillian Axe were going to be the next big thing.