2012 Shows

Double Dragon: This is the End...

DD vocalist Lee Gardner has a message for us all...

"Dear metal heads of the world,
My band, Double Dragon plays it's last show on Saturday.

Battle Pope: Album Launch next weekend!

The following information 'might just save your soul'...

On Saturday 10 March, Battle Pope will be unveiling the holy sacrament - their debut album The Holy Trinity: Bitches, Dicks and Gonorrhea - onto a godless world.

Through Chaos Comes Revolution

Canberra has not seen such tantalising metal delights since the days of Metal For The Brain


Prescient to Launch 'The Paranomial Framework' EP On January 6th

Perth's Rosemount Hotel is the Venue...

With song structures walking the fine line between being either "insanely technical", or simply "chaotically improvised", Prescient manages to fit into each song a diverse range of