2013 Releases

Lycanthia- Oligarchy (Hypnotic Dirge Records)

Great Australian doom.

Doom metal has always been an interesting sub-genre in that once you move away from the more traditional offshoots of the genre and start looking at the less accessible varients of the sound, (

Max Cavalera: Exploring Savage Territories

Human kind, so sophisticated yet we are still killing each other, going to war, committing atrocities, these are savage acts...

Soulfly are soon to release their highly anticipated ninth album Savages this October and Max Cavalera

Recoil VOR: Pushing The Envelope

"We really wanted to create an album that would stand the test of time in our hearts"

I’ve been keeping my eye on this band over the past four years as they possess some of the most energetic and most genuine attitudes of any Australian band I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

My Dream Band: Alkira's Ryan Quarrington

The up-and-coming Aussie thrashers have a new EP out, so we asked the band's drummer Ryan Quarrington to get involved in our latest Q & A session to mark the occasion...

Good day to you Mr Quarrington, and thanks for taking part in this little question and answer session...

Arc Angel - Harlequins of Light (Frontiers Records)

A welcome return from one of AOR's most revered names...
Release Date: 
22 Aug 2013 - 11:30pm

If, like me, you are a connoisseur of eighties hard rock and AOR, the news that multi-instrumentalist Jeff Cannata was reforming his Arc Angel project for

Primitive Man- Scorn (Relapse Records)

A nasty sludge surprise for lovers of all things grim and hate-filled.
Release Date: 
20 Aug 2013 (All day)

Disgusting, horrifying, gut-wrenching . . . these are just a select few phrases that make my ears prick up when I hear people talking about a new release.

Aenimus - Transcend Reality (Own Label)

Innovative progressive technical death-core...
Release Date: 
1 Sep 2013 - 11:30pm

This Aenimus should not be confused with their Swedish counterparts of the same name; this Aenimus hails from the USA (more specifically San Francisco and Orange County) and Tr

Entombed: Deal Signed with Century Media Records!

Great to have them back!

Together with Morbid, Treblinka/Tiamat, Grave and Dismember, Entombed belongs to the earliest g

Sinister Realm - World of Evil (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Almost, but not quite...
Release Date: 
6 Aug 2013 (All day)

More solid trad metal with doom tinges from the US – where will it end?

Night Demon - Night Demon (Own Label)

Authentic in almost every way...
Release Date: 
5 Sep 2013 - 11:30pm

American trio Night Demon know what they like when it comes to heavy metal, and they don’t care who knows it.