American heavy metal

Valkyrie - Shadows (Relapse)

Veteran riffmasters doing what they do best...
Release Date: 
18 Jun 2015 - 11:30pm

Virginian trad metal veterans Valkyrie helpfully set out their stall from the very first note of their third album, Shadows; I say helpfully because, if this is the first

The Black Dahlia Murder: At The Forefront

"Even though I have songs about cutting off people’s faces and wearing their face on my face, I’m totally still approachable" - Trevor Strnad

The Black Dahlia Murder is in fact closing out the touring cycle for their latest album Ever Black, in Australia this month and aside from being bombarded by questions on

Dez Fafara & The New Era for Coal Chamber

"Nu-Metal never went away"

Between the recording and the touring, musicians can take time out to do the important things; like sit at home doing interviews aaaaaall day.

Deathblow - The Other Side of Darkness (Own Label)

Straight up thrash with a death chaser.

There’s not much to say about this not unpleasant EP from Utah’s Deathblow; Death-tinged thrash is the name of the day, with all the hoarse-throated vocalising and divebombing solo

Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper, Allphones Arena, Sydney 16/05/15

The saints of Los Angeles return to Sydney for one last hurrah...

All Bad Things Must Come to an End’ – That’s the catchphrase accompanying this, Mötley Crüe’s self-proclaimed final tour, and for many casual observers who’ve been watchi

High on Fire: New Album Details Revealed!

Shape shifting lizards - your time is at hand...

World-renowned power trio High on Fire will release its highly-anticipated new album, Luminiferous, on the 26th June via eOne Music and Shock Reco

Canedy - Headbanger (Own Label)

One of metal's great drummers delivers a nice set of rhythmically-inclined heaviness...

Drummer Carl Canedy came to prominence in the early eighties as the driving force behind NYC metal trio The Rods; A good band who supported many of the greats of t

Torche - Restarter (Relapse)

A pleasingly heavy restorative...
Release Date: 
23 Feb 2015 - 11:30pm

What’s in a name?

Fear Factory: The Longevity & The Legacy

"If you love the fact that you’re doing it, it makes it a lot easier"

Fear Factory is an institution and not shy of a tonne of hard work.