Mammoth Mammoth take their greasy Australian metal to Europe

The boys looking to get Hammered Again in Europe

These Australian Rockers mix the finest dirty hard rock with a healthy dose of stoner vibes!

Jupiter Zeus - On Earth (Magnetic Eye Records)

Big. Bigger. Biggest...
Release Date: 
11 Mar 2014 - 12:30am

I almost dropped my sausage sandwich when I heard On Earth by Jupiter Zeus - and then when I found out these fellows are from Western Australia, I almost dropped it again.

Snakes Get Bad Press - Residues (Art As Catharsis)

Why does the music cut me so?
Release Date: 
19 Sep 2013 - 11:30pm

Snakes Get Bad Press show that Australian music is in fine form - forget all that reality Idol/X-Factor shite - the stuff that matters; the decent music, the interesting stuff; tha

Lo! Monstrorum Historia (Pelagic Records)

Tunes with integrity...what will they think of next?
Release Date: 
21 Apr 2013 - 11:30pm

Sinister piano introduces the listener to As Above, the first track on this rather new and spiffingly good album by Sydney-siders Lo! The tune is trance-like (but not in a

No Anchor - The Golden Bridge (Own Label)

Original Australian bass driven sludge rock...
Release Date: 
26 Nov 2012 - 12:30am

I've been waiting for this.

A Million Dead Birds Laughing - Xen (Welkin Records)

Kill your granny to get a copy...
Release Date: 
31 Jul 2012 - 11:30pm

As a tired and jaded journo (musical and other) to hear something like Xen is akin to spotting a technicolour life raft after drifting in a grey ocean of 'same same'; I fucking love it.

Our Last Enemy - Fallen Empires (Riot!)

Aussie act plant the flag for Sydney metal

Starting off with the pounding, face ripping 10,000 Headless Horses, Sydney based Our Last Enemy sure start off with promise.

Sonic Forge Festival to Rock the Espy

30 of Australia's premier metal bands converge on the coveted Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne to raise money for Haiti.

30 of Australia's most well renowned metal bands are to play the first Sonic Forge Festival on the 4th of December, 2010 at the Esplanade Hotel in St. Kilda, south of Melbourne.

Killrazer at Metal Evilution Metalfest

Featuring a ten-band line-up that each represents the diverse strands of metal, Metal Evilution's Metalfest 2010 has just added Sydney thrashers Killrazer to the bill.

Another year has passed by for the folk down at Metal Evilution, who have been supporting Australian metal for nigh on seven years now and they are putting on a whale of a show Sat Aug 14th at The

Limb From Limb set to record new album

Aussie death metal fans can expect a late 2010 release of Limb From Limb's as yet untitled album.

Queensland's death metal act Limb From Limb have finished pre-production on material for their long-awaited new album, and will enter Yarrow Studios mid-September