Canadian Death Metal

Necronomicon - Rise of the Elder Ones (Season of Mist)

Dirty death metal with some synthy stylings...
Release Date: 
6 Jun 2013 - 11:30pm

Without wishing to resort to the use of superlatives such as 'fastest, hardest, dirtiest', the latest offering from Canada's Necronomicon, Rise of the Elder Ones, is quite

Paroxsihzem - Paroxsihzem (Dark Descent Records)

Maybe we’re all a little mad in here? Blackened atmospheric death metal from Toronto.
Release Date: 
30 Oct 2012 (All day)

It begins with the strains of echoing detuned distortion, where so many other songs end.

Kaotik – Starving Death (Massacre Records)

Meaty death metal to sink your teeth into
Release Date: 
25 Oct 2012 - 11:30pm

It takes balls and not a little talent for a new band to come stomping into view with such assured confidence in their sound.

Cryptopsy: "We have been striving for such a sound since Ungentle Exhumation."

A pure return to form....

When the editor of MaF Scott Adams invited me to interview Flo Mounier (one of the best drummers on Earth and one of the idols of death metal) I w

Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy (Own Label)

No deathcore, no clean singing, no bullshit. Believe, Cryptopsy are back with their best album to date!
Release Date: 
11 Sep 2012 - 12:30pm

This album should be the best album of 2012. It isn’t, just because I already elected (reviews ago) the last Borknagar album as such.