Canadian metal

Anciients - Heart of Oak (Season of Mist)

A tantalising debut release from Canadian stoner prog-metal rockers, Anciients. With one foot in the door of metal rock, they're in heady company.
Release Date: 
16 Apr 2013 (All day)

The riffs resonate with strong harmonies, only a little dirty with a heavy walking bass line. The cadences borrow from stoner rock.

Danko Jones on Youth, Beauty & French Desserts...

The Mango Kid versus The Papaya Player...

‘Who is this young lad coming over to my table?’ I pondered, as I waited for Danko Jones to arrive. ‘Fuck me! It's Danko!’ was my next thought.

Mortillery - Murder Death Kill (Napalm Records)

Refreshing thrash punk metal hybrid that will have you windmilling about your flat!
Release Date: 
29 Jun 2012 (All day)

The first ninety seconds of Mortillery's Murder Death Kill has that Motorhead meets Motley Crue meets California metal vibe to it.

Devin Townsend Project and Meshuggah w/ dredg at the Forum Theatre, Melbourne 29/2/2012

Devin Townsend and his project played unforgettably at the Forum Theatre on that Wednesday night. Meshuggah and dredg on the other hand...well...funny you mention them...

Stuck in horrendous Melbourne traffic, I missed dredg much to my annoyance.

Woods of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light (Earache Records)

The Grey Skies are wet with tears; the last recording made with David Gold (RIP) takes on a new, powerful Romantic dimension while still retaining their bitter cynicism and expert musicianship.

There’s a particular twinge of grief that threads itself through this record – of course, the untimely passing of David Gold was as saddening as it was sudden.

At the top of their game? - Jon Howard on the renaissance of Threat Signal

Are Threat Signal at their peak? Shepherded by the legendary Zeuss behind the desk and wielding 7-string guitars for their new self-titled album, vocalist Jon Howard exudes confidence as he talks to us from the wintry north.

Rock music in Canada, it seems, doesn’t get the respect it deserves as some musicians such as fellow countryman Danko Jones and others lament.