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Deserted Fear – My Empire (F.D.A. Rekotz)

Run of the mill death metal or another gem of Germanic Music?

Almost every day, people who work with music receive the sound along with the press release, telling us what the band is about.

Obscenity – Atrophied in Anguish (Apostasy Records)

Underrated Germanic Death Metal.

Germans are good at all kinds of metal, that’s undoubtable, but they are best known for power and trad metal.

The Fat Dukes of Fuck – Honey From the Lips of an Angel (Own Label)

Funny band from Vegas has the upper hand.

Okay another joke band, and I was never very fond of them but The Fat Dukes of Fuck has something very special in their music to offer us.

Eugenic Death – Crimes Against Humanity (Heaven and Hell Records)

Excellent Thrash Metal from North Carolina

The completely unknown band Eugenic Death debuts with aplomb in the savage metal market with a killer album – Crimes Against Humanity!

Savage Annihilation - Cannibalisme, Hérésie et Autres Sauvageries (Kaotoxin Records)

Hard-to-get Grind/Death from France.
Release Date: 
1 Oct 2012 - 12:30pm

After a demo and a split, Savage Annihilation is back with their full length, a piece of aggressive death metal with grind touches here and there. 

Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy (Own Label)

No deathcore, no clean singing, no bullshit. Believe, Cryptopsy are back with their best album to date!
Release Date: 
11 Sep 2012 - 12:30pm

This album should be the best album of 2012. It isn’t, just because I already elected (reviews ago) the last Borknagar album as such.

Deadborn – Mayhem Maniac Machine (Apostasy Records)

Devastating death metal direct from Deutschland

Drummer Slavek Foltyn and bandmate lead vocalist Mario Petrovic have previous within their home country’s metal scene.

Antropofagus – Architecture Of Lust (Comatose Music)

Brutal Italian death metal. Bellissimo!
Release Date: 
16 Apr 2012 - 11:30pm

Despite forming way back in 1997 this is only the second album by Italian death metal dudes Antropofagus.