crust punk

Gallows, Shai Hulud, Confession, Milestones, The Corner Hotel, Melbourne - 26/02/13

Blink 182? Garbage! The howling spirit of dirty rock n' roll punched its way up through the Corner Hotel summoned by Gallows and Shai Hulud.

What’s with the god damn weather in this town?

Tinner: Finnish Crust Punks Join Forces With Pulverised Records

Getting kicked out of your digs? Here's what you'll be listening to when it happens...


Finnish d-beat derelicts, Tinner, are pleased to announce their official union with extreme metal powerhouse, Pulverised Records.

Winds of Genocide: UK Deathcrust Brigade Joins The Pulverised Records Roster

We love a bit of crusty d-beat at MaF...

Pulverised Records is pleased to announce the addition of UK-based deathcrust extremos, Winds Of Genocide!

Amebix - Sonic Mass (Easy Action)

The Brit crusties go beyond home made cider and dogs on strings to create a quite wonderful slab of extreme music.
Release Date: 
19 Sep 2011 - 11:30pm

Amebix is a name that you’ll have come up against more than once if you’re a long-in-the-tooth fan of heavy music.

Kylesa - Spiral Shadow (Candlelight/Earsplit)

Kylesa’s Spiral Shadow – A touch of Isis, a slathering of High on Fire and...Weezer? Sounds too bizarre to be true? Well, it is. In the best way imaginable.

There’s some things you should know about Kylesa. The band hails from Savannah, GA, on the East Coast of the South, just above Florida.