death doom metal

Malthusian - Below the Hengiform (Invictus Productions)

That's some scary stuff right there...
Release Date: 
5 Apr 2015 - 11:30pm

Ireland's Malthusian caused quite a splash with their debut demo MMXIII (2013, obviously...) and I'm glad to see they have continued their madness with this three track EP

Insomnium, Shear and Kuolemanlaakso - The Circus, Helsinki, 10/05/14

Insomnium launched their new album Shadows of the Dying Sun to the Helsinki audience, filling the venue with the harmonious echoes of their Finnish melodic death metal to culminate in their "best show ever". Opening for them was melancholy death-doom act Kuolemanlaakso, and the melodic power metal of Shear.

Decrepitaph – Forgotten Scriptures (Selfmadegod)

Exhaustive 54-minute comp. only for die-hards of primitive doom/death metal

The great Californian outfit Decrepitaph likes to keep things primitive. That’s exactly what they do here on this compilation released by Selfmadegod.