At the Gates, Rotten Sound - Nosturi, Helsinki, 22/11/14

This year, At the Gates released their first new album in nineteen years. Hearing it performed live, in my new home of Helsinki, was something I was not going to miss. Opening up a night of excellent music, friends and memories were Vaasa's intensely brilliant Rotten Sound.

The first band I ever wrote about for Metal as Fuck was At the Gates. I’d won a ticket to see them in Melbourne through a competition the magazine was holding.

My 2011 with Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation

Travis Ryan looks backwards, forwards, and has a special deathgrind Xmas message for all MaF readers...

Greetings, Travis, and welcome to My 2011. We're all time poor these days, so on with the questions... What was the best album you bought this year?

Dying Fetus - Descend into Depravity (Relapse/Riot)

Dying Fetus returns with Descend Into Depravity, but it's not a descent at all. In fact, it's an ascension back to the deathgrind throne!