My Dream Band; Diabolical's Carl Stjarnlov

Sweden's Diabloical have a new album out soon, so we decided to have a chat with guitarist Carl about a few people he'd like to see working together in his 'dream band'...

So, welcome to our happy band of headbangers, Mr Stjarnlov - what's happening in your world at the minute? "I play guitar in Diabolical.

Diabolical: New Artwork, Release and Tour Dates Revealed.

A time of new beginnings for the deathly Swedes... a time of Neogenesis!


Neogenesis - the fifth studio album from Diabolical will be released on the 19th of April.

Diabolical: Pre-Production Teaser Released

If you can't wait to hear the Swedish death metal machine's new album, this might satiate you for a while...


Diabolical are in the progress of recording their fifth album, entitled Neogenesis, and have now released a pre-production teaser on Youtube.