The Black Dahlia Murder- Fool 'Em All (Metal Blade DVD)

The Black Dahlia Murder are back with their second DVD, but does it hold up?

Fool ‘Em All is the second DVD by The Black Dahlia Murder and in the interim years since the last one, the band has gone through some significant changes in terms of their

Metal in the blood: the Top 100 metal songs of all time.

Could you write a Top 20 of your favourite metal tracks of all time? Could you explain why your top track is sitting at number one? It's a hard task, but it's one that Canberra-based journalist Scott Adams wants you to do, to help him write a book about metal. But it's not just any book; it will be one for more than just metal fans, and it will be written by those who know the most about it: passionate metalheads like you.



As I Lay Dying - This Is Who We Are (Metal Blade/Riot)

I must admit that prior to watching the documentary about As I Lay Dying included in this pack, I couldn't have given two shits about this band. It's a credit to both the band members themselves, and to the filmmaker Denise Korycki, that by the end of it I did give a fuck - enough to sit through the following two discs.


Until the light takes us - documentary about the rise of the norwegian black metal scene

I was in Gothenburg and it happened to be the annual film festival so I got dragged along by metal photographer Daniel Falk and some friends to see the new documentary "Until the light takes us". With that title I understand it had to be something worth my time...

This film turned out to be rather interesting since it did involve some, but far fram all, leading figures involved in the rise of the black metal scene in Norway.

Heavy Metal in Baghdad - DVD (Vice Films/Shock)

This film has caught the attention of audiences world-wide. Having made waves and had standing ovations at several international film festivals, it has just been released on DVD. For far more than just the metal, this is an absolute must-see documentary.