Double Dragon

Double Dragon: This is the End...

DD vocalist Lee Gardner has a message for us all...

"Dear metal heads of the world,
My band, Double Dragon plays it's last show on Saturday.

Goodbye Double Dragon, Hello... Sons of Asena.

With Roady gone from Double Dragon,there are no original members left in the band.

Here's an update from Liggy and the guys in Double Dragon...

Double Dragon: Asian Devastation Imminent

Adelaide will be quieter in early April...

Following the release of their sophomore album Sons Of Asena, Adelaide five piece Double Dragon will be departing offshore in April to give Asia a taste of the uncompromis

Double Dragon - Sons of Asena (Truth Inc.)

Familiar faces in Australia look set to take on the rest of the metal planet
Release Date: 
4 Dec 2011 - 11:30pm

Double Dragon is a band that is extremely well known by the metal community in their native Australia but as of yet,  they haven't made any hugely significant waves overseas.

'Peter Dolving Says Our New Album Kicks Ass!' - My 2011 with Double Dragon's Lee Gardiner

New album 'Sons of Asena' out now!!

Hello there, Lee. Can we just pause to give you a hearty congratulations on the new album? Marvellous stuff.

Double Dragon: Album Out Now

Snaffle a copy of 'Sons of Asena' Now - for free!

Australia's Double Dragon has released its sophomore album Sons Of Asena worldwide, for FREE download, on Sunday 4/12/2011.