Evile: New Guitarist Announced

Former Fallen Fate guitar player Piers Donno Fuller is the new man!

It came as a huge shock to everyone in the metal world when Evile guitarist Ol Drake announced he was leaving the band last year.

Evile's Ben Carter 'we're not doing anything that any other band isn't'

Evile's hard-hitter Ben Carter (right) talks Jeff Hanneman, Skull, touring and even JLS' break-up!

Thrash metal's latest resurgence has brought forth some of the genres finest bands such as Warbringer, Municipal Waste or England's own Evile. 

Elimination – The Blood Of Titans (Transcend Music)

British thrash metal team eliminate the opposition with second album The Blood Of Titans.
Release Date: 
28 Nov 2011 (All day)

Forty-something years after Black Sabbath terrified and repulsed audiences with their dark and ten-tonne-he

Evile's guitarist Ol Drake chews the fat...

Being sick on the van and eating breakfast with thrash legends...

There’s a lot to be said for international phone-calls but when they fuck up, they fuck up on a grand scale.

Evile - Five Serpent’s Teeth (Earache/Riot)

I don’t know if it’s really fair, but I expect an awful lot from Evile. I reviewed their second album, Infected Nations, and lamented the fact that it didn’t have the raw excellence of their debut, Enter The Grave. So now we have their third offering and, much as we really shouldn’t, it’s hard not to hope for a Master Of Puppets moment from Evile.
Release Date: 
26 Sep 2011 - 10:30am

Their first was awesome, their second was good, but not better. The third is most definitely a return to their top form.

Evile - Infected Nations (Earache/Riot)

I became a huge Evile fan with the release of Enter The Grave in 2007. It was one of the first albums that heralded the current thrash revival and it was a bloody good standard bearer for that revival. Having eagerly awaited Infected Nations, am I still an Evile fan? Yes and no.
Release Date: 
20 Sep 2009 - 12:01am

In 2007, Enter The Grave reached #33 on the UK rock album charts.