Exhumed, Iron Reagan, Necrot, Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland, CA 09/12/2013

The boys are back in town... Move yer ass!

Two days after the fact, and my ears are still ringing from the aural beatdown they received at the latest Exhumed show here in the Bay Area.

Exhumed's Matt Harvey: "I thought that if I can play 'Iron Man', that I’ll be the master of the Universe'...

It’s more gory and the drums are faster, the guitars are faster, everything is just faster.

Death metal guitarist, Matt Harvey, takes time off his life to talk about the anticipating new album, the early days and life on the road.

Exhumed: Getting in on the Canadian Ritual...

Heavy duty road doggery ahead...

West Coast road warriors Exhumed will embark on a near three-week stretch of tour dates this May alongside labelmates Fuck the Facts and headliners The Bac

An Interview With Cannibal Corpse guitarist Rob Barrett

A brief discussion of peace,flowers and pecans...

I was under the impression I'd be interviewing Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien so it was a bit of a surprise when Rob Barrett, the oth

Exhumed: Grinding All Over The World

Exporting their filth wherever people gather to bang a head or two, Exhumed hit the road hard in the first part of 2012...

Following their first ever trek through Brazil with Aborted, California goregrind ministers Exhumed will spray their blood overseas next month on the Grind Ove

"Every Tuesday we watch John Cusack movies" - Twenty Questions with Exhumed's Matt Harvey.

Their new album came out this month, and now they are answering our famed guide-to-life questionnaire. What a four weeks its been.

(1) Who are you, and what do you do?