Extreme metal

War from a Harlots Mouth - Voyeur (Season of Mist)

Teutonic tech titans make math metal mayhem. Damn straight.
Release Date: 
19 Oct 2012 (All day)

Oi! Come back! Just because we said math metal doesn’t give you an excuse to fuck off and ignore it. Ok maybe it gives you some, but just hear us out!

Cock & Ball Torture - Australian Tour 2013

For the Sadomasochistic Practitioner...

For the sadomasochistic practitioner....A progenitor of pitch-shifted, porn influenced goregrind, and one of the most influential groups within the style, Germany's Cock and Ball Torture

Aeon Of Horus Begin Tracking New Album

We have 10 tracks of some of the heaviest, most progressive tunes we've ever written...

Canberra based progressive metal outfit Aeon of Horu