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Inhuman Remnants Premiere Absolution of the Apocalypse Video for Metal As Fuck

An Eight Legged Apocalypse....

Eschatonic Records are proud to announce the premiere of Inhuman Remnants' latest video; Absolution Of The Apocalypse taken from their debut Anathema EP r

New One-Way Mirror video clip for 'Empty Spaces' avaliable. Watch it here!

French modern metallers One-Way Mirror have just launched the second video clip in support of their stunning (self-titled) debut album which was released in the summer of 2008.


Brutality, the Berzerker, Blood, & Babes: Metal Film Clips Censorship

Rarely do my modelling and metal chick worlds collide, but when they do, they collide with a crash of big bang proportions! A bang loud enough that it’s necessary to be censored, apparently.

So when does a metal chick get to model as a metal chick? In a metal film clip of course.