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Magenta Harvest, Ceaseless Torment & Enthring, PRKL Club, Helsinki, 04/04/14

Friday night calls for beers, and last Friday night delivered that with a good dose of local Helsinki metal at the PRKL club in Helsinki. Headlining was Magenta Harvest, with Ceaseless Torment and Enthring. The Finns may have long dark winters, but it makes for solid tunes.

Finland is not a country short on well-known metal acts, but sometimes you don’t need the big headliners to have a good night out.

Magenta Harvest, Ceaseless Torment, Enthring - PRKL, Helsinki, 04/04/14

Friday night brought a feast of local Finnish metal to the PRKL club in Helsinki. First up were symphonic death metallers Enthring, followed by the brutal thrash of Ceaseless Torment. Headlining the evening was Magenta Harvest, featuring members of MyGrain, Chthonian and Finntroll.

Heidenfest 2013 - Bataclan, Paris, 23/09/13

Last Monday the Bataclan in Paris was rocked by the travelling Folk Metal Festival Heidenfest 2013. On the line-up were Ensiferum, Turisas, Equilibrium, SuidAkrA and Frosttide.

Hebosagil – Lähtö (Ektro)

Multirhythm mayhem from Finland.
Release Date: 
17 May 2013 - 12:30pm

Always in the vanguard of crazy music, the Finns didn’t lose time and invented Hebosagil. 

More than just a Blood-smeared Face - Olli Vanska of Turisas

Fans of the Finnish battle metallers, Turisas, dominated the crowds on Wednesday night of the 70000tons of Metal cruise. Metal as Fuck sat down with their charismatic violinist, Olli Vanska, to find out what listeners can expect from the fourth studio album due in May 2013.

There is a sticky blood red substance on the cover of my notebook.

"You're so damn far away!" - Sami Hinkka of Ensiferum

Metal as Fuck catch up with Ensiferum on 70000tons of Metal to talk about their upcoming tour of Australia, what drives the music of the Finnish Heroic Folk Metallers and Bamboleo, bambolea, porque mi vida, yo la prefiero vivir asi!

Under high demand, I find my interview on 70000tons of Metal with Sami Hinkka of

Seremonia – Seremonia (Svart Records)

Antikristus, kuusi, kuusi, kuusi.
Release Date: 
14 Sep 2012 - 12:30pm

Pure acid rock, proto-heavy metal, hard-rock, psychedelic, you name it, it seems that Finland has bred the most acid band since the sixties turned into the seventies.

Amorphis - The Beginning of Times (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Amorphis' continue their unrepentant winning streak with The Beginning of Times - a fusion of their 70s psychedelic influences, melodic pop sensibilities and doom metal roots.

I must admit I was worried when Amorphis released Eclipse in 2006; I remember clutching the record in my hands, popping the CD into the tray and feeling all my fears simpl

Tarot - Spell of Iron MMXI (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

It's a re-release of their classic 1986 debut, one of Finnish metal's finest achievements. But is it relevant and is it worth the effort? Yes; if you don't mind superfluous keyboards and some subpar vocal performances.

It’s like a revered artifact of Finnish metal that’s been dug out of the ground, painstakingly restored by eminent sonic scientists, groomed to meticulous perfection…and

Wielding that Troll Hammer - Finntroll's Vreth

It's been a tough tour for Finnish folk troupe Finntroll. Cancellations and constant breakdowns have made it the most "Spinal Tap" like tour they've ever experienced. However, Finntroll are a band made resolute in the face of setbacks as frontman Mattias "Vreth" Lillmans explains.

Finntroll aren’t exactly in foreign territory at the moment. The United States is blanketed in snow, much like their native Finland.