Furyon - Lost Salvation (Dream Records)

Frustrating for sure, but worth persevering with - probably.
Release Date: 
23 Feb 2015 (All day)

Brit rockers Furyon deal in the sort of sleek, darkly-tinged, grungy metal that US Radio lapped up in the dying days of the last century; Tuneful, tasteful, and at all times stylis

Furyon - Gravitas (Frontiers)

We've gotta stick with these boys, coz one day they are gonna make a monster record...
Release Date: 
23 Mar 2012 (All day)

They’s a confusing bunch, this Furyon.

Furyon Signs New Management Deal

The UK act is looking to find a home for its 'Gravitas' elpee.

UK metal band Furyon, featuring vocalist Matt Mitchell, guitarist Chris Green, guitarist Pat Heath, bass guitarist Alex &