Accept Blind Rage world tour continues; announce new guitarist Uwe Lulis and drummer Christopher Williams

New video released for Fall Of The Empire, tour dates below

German metallers Accept have announced the addition of guitarist Uwe Lulis and drummer Christopher Williams to the group's ranks.

Beyond - Fatal Power of Death (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Teutonic Death Metal for die-hards.

Beyond is a relatively new band from Germany whose members use obscure names as R., R.

Written with Black and White - Oliver Palotai of Kamelot

A German in an American band fronted by a Norwegian, Oliver is used to keeping an arm's length from the usual. He spoke Metal as Fuck about his passion for the keys, Kamelot's new album and how he'd "bankrupt the band in half a year" if he was trusted with show bookings.

In heavy metal history we hear endlessly of guitarists, bassists, drummers and vocalists – who was the greatest? Who are our favorites? Which one do we try to emulate in our own playing?

Grave Digger – The Clans will Rise Again (Napalm Records)

Dudes put on your kilts! Grave Digger is back to Scotland!

Back in 1996 Grave Digger ‘resurrected’ to metallic cult when they released their album Tunes of War.

Red Circuit – Homeland (Limb/Riot)

While the term 'prog rock' doesn’t necessarily invoke pleasant thoughts for many of us, German band Red Circuit have taken prog, smashed it against a rock, picked up the pieces and come up with an album that revels in the power of the riff, of the song and the melody, while still dabbling in the better moments that prog can provide without ever wandering off into the “ooh aren’t I a clever chap” territory that plagues so many bands.

Led by keyboardist and producer Markus Teske and with Sri Lankan born vocalist Chity Somapala showing us just why he is revered as one of the best

Parental Advisory: Hilarious Metal Content – Edguy, Fucking with Fuck and F***

Bassist Tobias Exxel loves to have a laugh – and so do Edguy. Fresh from a US tour, Tobi sits down and chats with Metal As Fuck about our (and seemingly their) favorite profane expression, expressing our enthusiasm for a certain music genre.

Tobias Exxel misses the United States. “I’m sitting at my home in Germany,” he tells me. “It’s cold, the weather isn’t very good.

Summer Breeze Festival 2009. Day 2: Thursday

Bands of day 2: Backyard Babies, Beneath The Massacre, Deadlock, Grand Magus, Jack Slater, Katatonia, Misery Index, Psycroptic, Suffocation, Sylosis, The Red Chord, Vader, Walls Of Jericho

Sonic Syndicate announces German tour dates

The rebellion has also now begun in Germany... Swedish youngsters Sonic Syndicate, who found themselves a new amazing singer named Nathan J. Biggs, are back stronger than ever and have just announced a German tour with Hollywood Undead.


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Six Feet Under - Germany, September 09

Six Feet Under will make a short trek through Germany and Switzerland in September.
Tour Dates: 
03/09/2009 - 06/09/2009