Exhumed, Iron Reagan, Necrot, Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland, CA 09/12/2013

The boys are back in town... Move yer ass!

Two days after the fact, and my ears are still ringing from the aural beatdown they received at the latest Exhumed show here in the Bay Area.

Exhumed – Necrocracy (Relapse)

Laying down the gore
Release Date: 
5 Aug 2013 (All day)

I can only imagine how sick Matt Harvey and his merry band of grinders must be of being compared to Carcass. But there’s no getting around it.

Cock & Ball Torture - Australian Tour 2013

For the Sadomasochistic Practitioner...

For the sadomasochistic practitioner....A progenitor of pitch-shifted, porn influenced goregrind, and one of the most influential groups within the style, Germany's Cock and Ball Torture

Abscess: Urine Junkies Gets Deluxe Picture Disc Reissue Treatment!

But you'll have to wait until May 8 for your dose of Pornofreakographic anthemic mayhem!

Available for the first time ever on vinyl! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present this deluxe edition of Urine Junkies.

Exhumed: Getting in on the Canadian Ritual...

Heavy duty road doggery ahead...

West Coast road warriors Exhumed will embark on a near three-week stretch of tour dates this May alongside labelmates Fuck the Facts and headliners The Bac