Hateful Abandon- Liars/Bastards (Candlelight Records)

An industrial work of varying quality

Well, 2015 is upon us and the time has come to shake off the cobwebs of the holidays and get back to the business of reviewing records.

Tiamat - The Scarred People (Napalm Records)

The Scarred People offers up an unnatural selection of Tiamat's gothic travails from their storied history. But are they left victims of their groundbreaking success?

Cast your mind back to 1994.

Alaric - Alaric (20 Buck Spin)

The Manchester Factory Scene is not dead! It lives on in Alaric! If you are looking for a retro punk goth sound but want new and original music, Alaric is your band.
Release Date: 
11 Oct 2011 (All day)


Our Last Enemy - Tour Update

With new dates added for NSW, QLD and NZ, Our Last Enemy continue their whirlwind Australasian tour.

With the announcement that they are now ready to release their long-awaited album, Fallen Empires, Our Last Enemy are continuing their tour of Australian and New Zealand s