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Deafheaven: Sydney Show Venue Change

As the Annandale closes indefinitely, Deafheaven announce a new Sydney show...

Due to the sudden closing down of the Annnadale Hotel the Deafheaven show scheduled at the venue has been moved to the Oxford Art Factory on January 9. <

Soilwork: Special Show Announced in Helsinki.

New DVD to be filmed on the night!

Swedish visionary metallers Soilwork have announced a special show to take place at Circus in Helsinki, Finnland on Friday, March 21.

Metal as Fuck's Top 100 Metal Releases of 2013: Numbers 75-51

Getting closer to number one...

75. Fates Warning- Darkness In a Different Light (InsideOut Music)

Metal as Fuck's Top 100 Metal Releases of 2013: Numbers 100-76

Commencing our Annual countdown of the albums we considered the best of what has been a very good year for our kind of music...

100. Crashdiet - Savage Playground (Frontiers Records)

99. Gama Bomb - The Terror Tapes (AFM Records)

Truth Corroded's Greg Shaw: "A VIP experience with us could result in psychological trauma"

Adelaide's Truth Corroded released a storming album, The Saviours Slain, in 2013, so we asked bassist Greg Shaw to fill us in on the rest of his year too...

Welcome Mr Shaw, and can I just say congratulations on a splendid new album! But I'm sure we'll hear more about that later! For now, how about the rest of 2013, musically? Good or bad?

Almah - Unfold (Scarlet Records)

Brazilian progsters with an alternative itch that needs to be scratched...
Release Date: 
25 Nov 2013 (All day)

Brazilian power/prog act Almah are back with a fourth album, Unfold, and, whilst it’s undoubtedly their most accomplished album to date, it’s not a wholly satisfying liste

Nocturnal Graves - ...From the Bloodline of Cain (Hells Headbangers)

Feral filth at it's finest...
Release Date: 
11 Nov 2013 - 11:30pm

I don’t know about the Bloodline of Cain so much, but Australian outfit Nocturnal Graves seem very much to me to be of the bloodline of thrash. No, make that THRAAAASSSSSHHHH!!!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions: Free Sampler Available Now!

Once more we are delighted to point you in the direction of FREE METAL!!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present the 2013 Full Year In Review: 25 Track FREE Sampler! 

Waldschrat Set To Conquer Spain

What Do We Want?! Dread & Doom! When Do We Want It?! RAAAHHHHH!

Returning triumphantly in 2012, Austrian Pagan Black Metal purists; Waldschrat cast a dark cloud over France and Spain this weekend, bringing with them

Icecocoon - Deepest Crystal Black (Own Label)

Impressively self-assured debut from the Adelaide progsters...
Release Date: 
30 Nov 2013 - 11:30pm

Adelaide act Icecocoon show here – even on their debut album release – just how easy it is to carve a niche for yourself in today’s ever more saturated hard rock market with an alb