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Nocturnal Graves - ...From the Bloodline of Cain (Hells Headbangers)

Feral filth at it's finest...
Release Date: 
11 Nov 2013 - 11:30pm

I don’t know about the Bloodline of Cain so much, but Australian outfit Nocturnal Graves seem very much to me to be of the bloodline of thrash. No, make that THRAAAASSSSSHHHH!!!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions: Free Sampler Available Now!

Once more we are delighted to point you in the direction of FREE METAL!!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present the 2013 Full Year In Review: 25 Track FREE Sampler! 

Waldschrat Set To Conquer Spain

What Do We Want?! Dread & Doom! When Do We Want It?! RAAAHHHHH!

Returning triumphantly in 2012, Austrian Pagan Black Metal purists; Waldschrat cast a dark cloud over France and Spain this weekend, bringing with them

Icecocoon - Deepest Crystal Black (Own Label)

Impressively self-assured debut from the Adelaide progsters...
Release Date: 
30 Nov 2013 - 11:30pm

Adelaide act Icecocoon show here – even on their debut album release – just how easy it is to carve a niche for yourself in today’s ever more saturated hard rock market with an alb

Birth AD's Jeff Tandy: "I heard about 20 seconds of Phil Anselmo's latest thing and permanently lost four of five IQ points"...

The truculent bassist looks back with us at 2013...

Greetings Mr Tandy - long time no speak. Last time we communed you were drraming of killing hipsters... you were clearly ahead of your time!

NiteRain - CrossFire (Indie Recordings)

Turbocharged sleaze from Oslo rock city!
Release Date: 
15 Nov 2013 (All day)

Eighties metal cross-genre mashup ALERT!

Tumbleweed, Kadavar, Blues Pills, Sun God Replica - The Tempo, Brisbane, 05/12/13

An Evening of Raunchy Goodness...

Despite playing to a half empty room Melbourne's Sun God Replica got things off to a fine start with their sexy rock/roll/stoner grooves.

Martin Schulman of Demonical: 'What awaits us in 2014? World Domination."

Sweden's Demonical released their fourth album, Darkness Unbound, this year, so we invited bassist Martin Schulman to talk us through his 2013...

Hello Mr Schulman - thanks for getting involved in our end-of-year hoopla. So, 2013 –how was it for our kind of music? "In a way it was good, in a way bad. Depends on what you are referring to...

Sydonia: New Album Release Date Confirmed

With a single scheduled to drop in February too!

The Day has arrived. Reality has kicked in.