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Chthonic: Taiwanese Metal Collective To Release Mammoth Ián-Bú DVD Next Month

Ián-Bú to emerge next month...

Eagle Records is pleased to announce the release of Ián-Bú, the latest DVD offering from Taiwanese metal collective, Chthonic.

Subtract: Talk Minus Action Equals Nothing (Rhythmethod)

Forget Everything You Know....

Surrender weakness, relinquish fragility; this is not for the faint at heart.

Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate - Crucified (Own Label)

Strange bag o'spanners... but a good 'un!
Release Date: 
20 Dec 2013 (All day)

One of the Sunset Strip’s premier throats for hire – at various times in the last 25 years he’s vocalised fo’ the likes of LA Guns, Ratt, Adler’s Appetite<

The Vintage Caravan - Voyage (Nuclear Blast)

Why oh why?
Release Date: 
9 Jan 2014 - 11:30pm

You can tell when a ‘scene’ or genre of music has become over saturated.

Astral Dominae - Arcanum Gloriae (Bakerteam Records)

Depressingly familiar...
Release Date: 
21 Jan 2014 (All day)

If I was one for New Year’s resolutions, I think my one for 2014 would be to stop listening to bands like Astral Domine.

Nigromante - Black Magic Night (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Not quite ready for wider exposure yet...
Release Date: 
7 Jan 2014 (All day)

Spaniards Nigromante clearly have their (black) hearts in the right place and after ten years of plugging away on the Spanish circuit they deserve a chance at spreading their gospe

Primal Fear - Delivering the Black (Frontiers Records)

Frighteningly good stuff from aband I'd feared were finished...
Release Date: 
24 Jan 2014 (All day)

German speed metal kings Primal Fear have, in my opinion, been running on empty for a while now; whether that’s because main songwriter Mat Sinner is involved in so many o

Leatherwolf - Unchained Live (Nile8 Records)

Good to have them back...
Release Date: 
7 Dec 2013 - 11:30pm

For a brief moment at the end of the eighties, US Metallions Leatherwolf could reach out and just get a fingertip brush on the prize; Their album of the time, Street Ready

TrenchRot: Preparing to Wage War

Preparing to crush posers wherever they go...

Death metal war machine TrenchRot are unleashing their debut Necronomic Warfare upon the world and none will be spared.