heavy metal

Trivium - Vengeance Falls (Roadrunner)

Modern metal doesn't get much better...

Trivium vocalist/guitarist Matthew Heafy lays it on the line from the very first line of Vengeance Falls’ opening track Brave This Storm; This ba

Divebomb Bootcamp: Have a Listen for Free!

Prepare for multiple doses of heavy discipline...

This past October, Divebomb Records unveiled its new series of cult reissues entitled Divebomb Bootcamp.

Nile: Beyond The Gates of Sethu

You can’t all of a sudden decide you want to do a Glam band...

For twenty years, Nile has set the benchmark for quality and superior musicianship; their excellence, their experimentation and their creativi

Broken Hope - Omen Of Disease (Century Media).

Swamped in the bowels of the repulsive and loathing, utterly grotesque disease!!! (you like what I did there?)
Release Date: 
30 Sep 2013 (All day)

It has been 14 years since the last Broken Hope album, and all I can say is………..comeback album of the DECADE!!!

Tryptikon: New Album Gets Release Date

Melana Chasmata to see the light of day next April...

Triptykon is the occult/avant-garde metal band formed by Hellhammer/Celtic Frost singer, Tom Gabriel Warrior.

Absu: Collaboration With Trve Brewing Company Announced

Band To Release Four Different Beers...

Denver, Colorado's Trve Brewing Company is proud to announce details on their upcoming first out of four ales titled Eastern Candle -dedicated to the mythological occult m

Skinless: Reunited Death Metal Assassins Welcome Second Guitarist

First live assaults of 2014 announced as well!

Reunited death metal assassins, Skinless, are pleased to welcome new guitarist Dave Matthews to their rambunctious ranks.

Kantation - Kantation (Own Label)

Champagne tastes, beer budget...
Release Date: 
21 Sep 2013 (All day)

Southern Californian outfit Kantation are true believers, that much you can tell from just a cursory listen to their self titled debut; There’s no side to them, what you see (and h

Hypno5e Return to Australia!

The Return to Australia Closes Out A Massive Year For The Band...

Truth Inc Records are pleased to announce that French post-metal act Hypno5e will be returning to tour China and Australia in November and December alongside

My Dream Band: Hatriot's Steve 'Zetro' Souza

In the last of our latest Q & A series, the former Exodus man relents and picks a couple of rock Gods to tinkle the ivories...

Mr Souza, it's an absolute honour to have one of the absolute legends of thrash here joining us at Metal as Fuck for our My Ideal Band segment.