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King Parrot: In Full and Frightening Flight

"Yeah, it’s all part of a day’s work really, eating a little shit whilst jumping off bars”.

By now; unless you have been held captive by a family of rabid raccoons, it is all about King Parrot and if you have been fortunate enough to catch these monsters live, you know th

Chariots of the Gods' Mathieu St-Amour: 'I love every kind of music!"

This one's got it all: Gurus, alien technology, resurrection and... KIP WINGER!!

Bonjour, monsieur St-Armour, comment allez-vous? Er, that's about as far as my French goes so we'll stop right there and I'll continue in my mother tongue... thanks for joining us!

Tad Morose: Coming in From the Cold

Get ready for their first album in a Decade!

It’s been ten long years since pioneering Swedish progressive power metal act Tad Morose released their acclaimed Modus Vivendi album.

Imperial Triumphant: Ready to Sodomize Your Ears

If Gomorrah never comes...

New York City-based iconoclastic black metal revolutionists, Imperial Triumphant, will unveil the diseased fruits of their latest studio excursion in the form of Goliath.

Ashes of Ares - Ashes of Ares (Nuclear Blast)

An encouraging - if at times frustrating - start...
Release Date: 
6 Sep 2013 (All day)

Ashs of Ares will, of course, be heralded by most prospective punters as the new project of former Iced Earth vocaliser Matt Barlow; there are oth

Doro: Now Officially a Legend!

Celebrating 30 Years of Metal glory...

Friday the 13th, 2013 was far from an unlucky day for one person.

Holy Grail's Luna: "My dream band? I broke the rules and went for the absolute greatest live act!"

Luna bends the rules but comes up with a great band...

Greetings Mr Luna, and thanks for getting Holy Grail involved in this Q and A... Let's get right into things. Who would be fronting this band of yours?

Avatarium: The First Doom Supergroup?

For lovers of raw, emotional music...

New Swedish doom gathering Avatarium have just revealed the cover artwork and tracklist of their upcoming self-titled debut album which will be unleashed November 1, 2013 via

Ephel Duath: The Return

After a five year hiatus, Davide Tiso and company are back!

Exceptional and experimental metal act Ephel Duath returns with its first album in five years, Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness.

Hell: Ushering in The Age of Nefarious

Plus tour dates with Carcass and Amon Amarth announced!

Revived British Occult Metal legends Hell have unveiled the first details about the new single from their upcoming new record Curse And Chapter, called The Age Of Nefa