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Death Valley Knights' Nikhil Talwar: "The Seattle '89 Video was such a big influence on me"...

We continue our look back at thirty years of thrash with a younger perspective...

Time for another thrash inquisition, and today we're speaking to Nikhil Talwar, guitarist/vocalist with up-and-coming London metallers Death Valley Knights.

Fan evaluation: Exodus - Fabulous Disaster (Combat/Music for Nations)


The prison system, inherently unjust and inhumane

Is the ultimate expression of injustice

And inhumanity in the society at large.

Those of us on the outside do not like

Black Breath: Back in Action

The first of what will be many live assaults this year...

Following several months off the touring grid, Seattle's unstoppable Black Breath will return to the road this month on a swift and brutal trek originating on the opposite side of

Helstar - This Wicked Nest (AFM Records)

Near-flawless heavy metal...
Release Date: 
28 Apr 2014 - 11:30pm

Helstar’s James Rivera is perhaps the most underrated voice in heavy metal history.

Absolva - Highbury Garage, London, 01/05/14

A new star rises in the metal firmament...

The first night of the tour and what an absolutely blistering gig this was.

Lost Society - Terror Hungry (Nuclear Blast)

Pleasant to listen to, but ultimately pointless...
Release Date: 
3 Apr 2014 - 11:30pm

“Attention! Attention! The world has become infected with high levels of alcohol!”

Overkill: Euro Tour Dates Announced

Blitz and company back with tunes old and new!

With the release of their new album White Devil Armory scheduled for this (Northern) summer, New Jersey thrash metal veterans Overkill now announce an extended European to

I Exist's Josh Nixon: "If a thrash band is boring then that's the ultimate sin"...

He might be more well known for playing doom and hardcore, but Canberran axepert Josh Nixon thrashes like a maniac, too...

Welcome to our latest Q & A, Mr Nixon - As Metal as Fuck is currently in the midst of Metal Thrashing May, we're talking thrash, and specifically the last thirty years of thrash metal.

Origin: Tour Starts Today!

Still time to get tickets!

The most destructive and heaviest tour of the year will tear across Australia this week with US tech-death giants, Origin leading, A Million Dead Birds Laughing an