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The Stormrider Heavy Metal Festival: It's back!

The Civic Hotel in Perth will play host to the epic all day Metal Festival on May 23 that will feature six of the nations top touring bands, three local Perth acts and one band coming all the way in from Java, Indonesia!

Headlining the day are Australia’s finest melodic/power act, the mighty Lord along with Melbourne’s melodic/prog masters Vanishing Point to deliver an incredible o

Demonic Resurrection - The Demon King (Candlelight Records)

A fine weaving of styles...
Release Date: 
13 Jul 2014 - 11:30pm

Cor! India's Demonic Resurrection appear to meld a variety of styles on here.

Brainstorm - Just Highs No Lows (12 years of persistence) (Metal Blade/Riot)

Like the girl with the little curl in the middle of her forehead, this German band can be very, very good but when they are bad – they are rotten! Luckily though the good far outweighs the bad.

Formed twenty years ago by guitarists Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric and drummer Dieter Bernert, Brainstorm kick off this r

Hammerfall - No Sacrifice, No Victory (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

This is an excellent album with many stand-out tracks, and many an ear-worm lurking therein.

Before I sat down to listen to Hammerfall's latest release, No Sacrifice, No Victory, I went way back in time in the band's discography and revisited Legacy of Kings