A Design(er) for life: Krusher Joule

Krusher Joule has seen it all in thirty years in the world of metal - here are a few of his memories on times past...









Face the Music Regional Scholarships announced

Thanks to the State Government’s Victoria Rocks initiative, Face the Music is offering six regional scholarships, including three indigenous, artists and/or artist managers, comprising a maximum of $300 each to assist with accommodation and travel costs to attend the event.

Introductory Masterclass for Aussies looking to break the US Market

Participate in an interactive discussion and Q&A with some of the USA's leading producers, writers and record-making experts, to hear the latest on what resonates with American audiences. The event will focus on a number of key areas, what the market is looking for, what the technical aspects are, and who can help you deliver.


Why you should attend