Luc Lemay of Gorguts: Parting the Coloured Sands

"The day it becomes boring is when it’s time to do something else."

Intricate and mesmerising, Gorguts represents the pulsating frontal lobe of death metal thought.

The future's bright for Continents, as they talk touring, writing and their plans for the rest of 2013.

Finding ourselves in their dressing room, Maf and Continents sit and talk past, present and future for the upcoming South Wales quintet.

With their compatriots and UK tour support act When We Were Wolves providing some lovely background music from downstairs at The Barfly, the lads from Continents give an impro

Killswitch Engage Guitarist Joel Stroetzel on Reunions, Bonding, and Stalker Fans

Would you like a little bit of folk with that?

Killswitch Engage guitarist Joel Stroetzel is relaxed and ready to blow the collective minds of the Brisbane Soundwave crowd.

Mad For The Hardcore - Lou Koller, vocalist with Sick Of It All

CBGBs. Bad Brains. Been there, done that...

Lou Koller, the vocalist with Sick Of It All, is gearing up for the Brisbane Soundwave set – but he isn’t all twitchy and hyped – he’s cool, calm,

The Sword's Bryan Richie on electro, R.Kelly and hot sauce...

A dingo took my bass player...

Bryan Richie provides the throbbing bass lines to The Sword’s compositions.

Periphery's Jake Bowen & Mark Holcomb; Keeping Secrets...

Teasing us with US Summer surprises...

Periphery guitarists Jake Bowen and Mark Holcomb are currently in two minds; they’re pleased to have got the crowd going at their Brisbane

Slayer's Kerry King - 'Diabolus in Musica was my dark period'...

"You don’t need to know when I wipe my ass!"

Just prior to meeting Slayer’s Kerry King, I was warned that any questions about 'the Lombardo situation' would result in the termination of the i

"Dysie Once Drank Beer From a Frozen Chicken's Arse" - On the Road With Claim the Throne

Claim The Throne are currenly touring Australia to promote their latest release "Triumph and beyond". We caught up with Claim The Throne's mastermind Cabba to throw a few questions at him about it all!

Encyclopaedia Metallum: 71,000+ bands. We talk to site developer, Hellblazer

While the internet can be a source of dis-information, useless gossip, cheap porn, slanderous allegations and bogus death notices, it can also be a valuable source of information, of connecting and of community (as well as cheap porn). The folk at the Encyclopaedia Metallum Metal Archives are definitely part of the latter. Well, we meant of the community at least: we didn't actually inquire about cheap porn!

More than just a stack of names, with over 71,000 bands listed and detailed and over 50,000 reviews posted, the Metal Archives

Municipal Waste's Dave Witte talks about the new album. And beer.

With their latest album Massive Aggressive getting rave reviews, the party is in full swing for thrash metallers Municipal Waste. Drummer Dave Witte took time out from sampling the better beers the world has to offer - 'I'm a beer enthusiast, I collect it and age it' - to chat with Metal As Fuck.