melodic thrash metal

Six String Slaughter - Born Unspoiled (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Excellent melodic death/thrash...
Release Date: 
18 Aug 2014 - 11:30pm

While Six String Slaughter may sound like a glam rock band, they most certainly are not.

Envenomed's Anthony Mavrikis on the unseen evils of being an unsigned band

MaF chats to the Melbourne thrashers about their new album.

Envenomed is a band that’s set to start making waves within the Australian scene.

Darkside - Prayers in Doomsday (Own Label)

Brazilian Thrash, independent and violent.

I really think it is suicide for a Brazilian band releasing a full lengther in an independent way these days, because I’ve seen cases that a good band passes unnoticed simply because of the lack of