modern metal

Soundworks Touring presents Nile on their What Shall Not Be Unearthed Australian tour 2015

joining them on their Australian jaunt will be Unearth, Feed Her To The Sharks and Whoretopsy
Tour Dates: 
19/11/2015 - 22/11/2015

The reigning gods of technical, historically-themed ferocity, Nile are poised to strike unforgivingly and guide us down into the depths of their ominous catacombs.

Curimus- Artificial Revolution (Svart Records)

Not the most promising example of what modern thrash has to offer.

Seeing as it is Metal Thrashing May here at Metal as Fuck it seems rather prudent to take a moment from our fond reminiscing and examine just where the genre is at in 2014

Recoil VOR- Sleep For The Masses (Own Label)

Groove-based Modern Metal with progressive aspirations...
Release Date: 
7 Aug 2013 (All day)

"Modern metal" is always a term that makes little warning bells go off in my head.

Pyrrhon - An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master (Selfmadegod Records)

This shouldn't be this good for a début album...
Release Date: 
7 Feb 2011 (All day)

See, I have never understood  death metal.

At the top of their game? - Jon Howard on the renaissance of Threat Signal

Are Threat Signal at their peak? Shepherded by the legendary Zeuss behind the desk and wielding 7-string guitars for their new self-titled album, vocalist Jon Howard exudes confidence as he talks to us from the wintry north.

Rock music in Canada, it seems, doesn’t get the respect it deserves as some musicians such as fellow countryman Danko Jones and others lament.

Sonic Syndicate – We Rule the Night (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

We Rule the Night is so flawed it prompted a recall statement from the label. Read on…
Release Date: 
26 Aug 2010 - 11:30pm

Here’s what Nuclear Blast sent me* after they sent a copy of the record for review almost hours afterward. I think it’s rather apt and saves me writing up the article.