My dream band

My Dream Band: Hatriot's Steve 'Zetro' Souza

In the last of our latest Q & A series, the former Exodus man relents and picks a couple of rock Gods to tinkle the ivories...

Mr Souza, it's an absolute honour to have one of the absolute legends of thrash here joining us at Metal as Fuck for our My Ideal Band segment.

My Dream Band: Christopher Kinder from Jon Oliva's Pain

Another muso selects some of his fave peers to make up a true supergroup...

Hello Christopher, and thank you for participating in this little survey of ours.

Chariots of the Gods' Mathieu St-Amour: 'I love every kind of music!"

This one's got it all: Gurus, alien technology, resurrection and... KIP WINGER!!

Bonjour, monsieur St-Armour, comment allez-vous? Er, that's about as far as my French goes so we'll stop right there and I'll continue in my mother tongue... thanks for joining us!

Holy Grail's Luna: "My dream band? I broke the rules and went for the absolute greatest live act!"

Luna bends the rules but comes up with a great band...

Greetings Mr Luna, and thanks for getting Holy Grail involved in this Q and A... Let's get right into things. Who would be fronting this band of yours?

My Dream Band: Alkira's Ryan Quarrington

The up-and-coming Aussie thrashers have a new EP out, so we asked the band's drummer Ryan Quarrington to get involved in our latest Q & A session to mark the occasion...

Good day to you Mr Quarrington, and thanks for taking part in this little question and answer session...

My Dream Band; Diabolical's Carl Stjarnlov

Sweden's Diabloical have a new album out soon, so we decided to have a chat with guitarist Carl about a few people he'd like to see working together in his 'dream band'...

So, welcome to our happy band of headbangers, Mr Stjarnlov - what's happening in your world at the minute? "I play guitar in Diabolical.

My Dream Band: Greg Shaw from Truth Corroded

Mr Shaw has problems narrowing down his band members...

Welcome to the next installment of our enthralling My Dream Band Segment.

Ashes of Ares' Matt Barlow: "Ronnie James Dio left a huge mark on the world of metal!"

Former Iced Earth frontman Matt Barlow is back with a new band, Ashes of Ares, and a self-titled album, due next month. What better way to celebrate than talking to Metal as Fuck?

These are indeed exciting times for Matt Barlow as he prepares to unleash his new Ashes of Ares project on a waiting world.

Michele Madden: "I want Stacia from Hawkwind doing her tits and sword thing'...

MaF's favourite frontwoman kicks off our latest bout of important Q & A shenanigans, 'My Dream Band'

Well, we're back with another round of questionnaires, probing the great and good of the world of metal about stuff of importance... But enough of the formalities - on with the show! Hello!