Napalm Death

SSS - Problem to the Answer (Earache)

Liverpool: The Beatles, the 2008 European capital of culture and in 2011, a moment of thrashing punk chaos.
Release Date: 
6 Jun 2011 - 8:30am

Never has a band been more aptly named than Short Sharp Shock, or SSS as they're better known.

Nesseria - Nesseria - (Throatruiner Records)

One doesn’t need to be garish to be brutal. Nesseria brings you the right dose of unrelenting, grinding black onslaught.


Firebird - Double Diamond (Rise Above)

Bill steers his retro guitarfest back to the seventies again, with generally good results...

Many people professed surprise around the turn of the century when Bill Steer - the man whose guitar propelled early incarnations of both Napalm Death and