Nuclear Blast

Eluveitie - Everything Remains (As It Never Was) (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Describing an album as "perfect" is pretty much par for the course in press releases but for once, they aren't far wrong
Release Date: 
19 Feb 2010 (All day)

Picture the scene: Irish folksters Clannad are sitting around enjoying a nice vegan meal of carrots and soil when suddenly the doorbell rings.

Throwdown - Deathless (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

"What fresh madness is this?", I hear you cry, "a hardcore band on". Fear not my friends, for this album is as hardcore as the Pope is Muslim.

There are certain hardcore bands that you can rely on to produce music that gets your arms flailing and your teeth loosened - Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All,

Annotations Of An Autopsy - II: The Reign Of Darkness (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

They're back. And they're still fucking angry.
Release Date: 
8 Jan 2010 - 10:30am

As with virtually all metal bands of recent years, Annotations Of An Autopsy (AOAA) have struggled against the pervasive need for categorisation that all music fan

Sonic Syndicate - Rebellion EP (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Brutal grindcore from one of Sweden's most extreme acts will definitely not disappoint...
Release Date: 
6 Nov 2009 - 12:01am

...Only joking.

Various Artists - Tidbits of Lunacy (Anstalt Records/Riot)

In case you hadn't heard, Nuclear Blast recently started a new label for your more crusty, underground, extreme, (mostly) grind acts. This label, Anstalt Records, is just the sort of thing that I personally think has been long overdue. I love this sampler. It's no-holds-barred, shitty, hilarious grind.

As a taster, Anstalt have released Tidbits of Lunacy: a very short sampler in fact, featuring two tracks each from three acts: Milking the Goatmachine,

Vader - Necropolis (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

With 25 releases, twenty-odd years under their belt and a name inspired by a man with a black plastic penis hat and chronic asthma, Polish deathsters Vader had to produce something pretty nasty to live up to the reputation of their namesake.
Release Date: 
21 Aug 2009 (All day)

Bizarrely, Devilizer opens Necropolis with the same drum roll as Michael "Moose" Thomas opens Bullet For My Valentine's Scre