Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost - The Plague Within (Century Media)

A masterclass in misery...

Just seconds into The Plague Within, Bradford miserablists Paradise Lost’s fourteenthth studio full lengther, you know you’ve been given a very special record.

Paradise Lost begins recording new album

Metal legends Paradise Lost hit the studio to record their fourteenth album!

After taking a trip back in time with the Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities) album and the last studio album Tragic Idol (2012) -- which entered the charts at #2 in UK Rock Charts,

Nick Holmes: Bathing in Blood...

"It’s OK to not like things..."

It’s grim up North, or so they say - but not for Nick Holmes, erstwhile front man with Paradise Lost and the new vocalist with Bloodbath.

Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol (Century Media)

In which our miserablist heroes attempt to regain their glory days. But do they succeed? Read on to find out...
Release Date: 
22 Apr 2012 - 11:30pm

When the first little dribbles emerged via the interweb that veteran Halifax misanthropes Paradise Lost were thinking about planning a return to the triumphant days of their, um, i

Paradise Lost - Ready to Release Tragic Idol

Album number 13 for PL drops this April!

After taking a trip back in time with the Draconian Times MMXI DVD/live album (the London legacy show of their classic album from 1995) and Gregor Mackintosh's return to h

'We're not packing it in. What else would I do - grow a beard?" - Paradise Lost's Nick Holmes shows no signs of slowing down...

Ahead of PL's Soundwave shows and Sidewave appearances with Cathedral, MaF caught up with vocalist Nick Holmes to shoot a bit of (freezing) breeze...

Paradise Lost vocalist Nick Holmes, throughout a near thirty year career in this business we love so much, has garnered something of a reputation as a misery guts;

Netherbird – Monument Black Colossal (Soundpollution/Riot)

Dark, gothic and extremely melodic. This is an album that could have you slashing your wrists whilst bopping around the room.

Extreme, dark, black – all words that are thrown around to describe the sort of sound Swedish Metallers Netherbird are creating, but what about melodic, powerful, melancholic