Septicflesh/Fleshgod Apocalypse: The Battle of Flesh and Blood MMXIV

A dual barrelled symphonic metal onslaught...
Tour Dates: 
14/05/2014 - 18/05/2014

Prepare your senses for a monumental outburst with a dual headlining bill comprised of two of the world’s finest exponents of the genre of Symphonic death metal in Italy’s Fleshgod Apocalyp

Metal Ten to One: Iron Maiden

MaF editor Scott Adams kicks off a new series counting down his favourite Iron Maiden tracks...

As a young headbanger growing up in England in the early eighties, Iron Maiden were one of the most important bands in the world, and not just because they were the ‘entry level’ b

Ihsahn – Das seelenbrechen (Candlelight)

A challenging work presented in accessible portions for the delectation of those who like to be musically challenged
Release Date: 
21 Oct 2013 (All day)