FREE!! Amenta swag up for Grabs!

Fancy a free copy of the new album? Enquire within...

Yep, Aussie extremists The Amenta have a very metal new offering, Flesh is Heir, about to come out and, thanks to the good people at Soudworks PR we've go

Thriving on emotion and Holy Tomato Pies; a few minutes with Shai Hulud's Matt Fox

We called through to Shai Hulud's guitarist and songwriter, Matt Fox, ahead of their recent appearances at Soundwave 2013, to drill down and find out more about the new album and what goes into making their sound uniquely Shai Hulud.

It is morning over here, and Matt Fox is running late with a long list of interviews from his home in New Jersey.

Misery Index – Live in Munich (Season of Mist)

Extreme Brutality over Germany!
Release Date: 
14 Feb 2013 - 11:30pm

I usually dislike live albums, but this is an exception and a surprise at same time.