Michele Madden: "I want Stacia from Hawkwind doing her tits and sword thing'...

MaF's favourite frontwoman kicks off our latest bout of important Q & A shenanigans, 'My Dream Band'

Well, we're back with another round of questionnaires, probing the great and good of the world of metal about stuff of importance... But enough of the formalities - on with the show! Hello!

Mephistopheles: New Full Length Due Out Soon!

Sounds of the end will begin to batter your eardrums later this year...

Tasmanian technical death metal artisans Mephistopheles will unleash their second full-length, and first for genre-bending, extreme metal imprint Willowtip Records

Jaw Kneecap - Prime (Own Label)

Prime prog for the kids. Well, the kids' dads, at least...

Unknown US progsters Jaw Kneecap (I’ll explain later) are a bit of a treat.