Chariots of the Gods' Mathieu St-Amour: 'I love every kind of music!"

This one's got it all: Gurus, alien technology, resurrection and... KIP WINGER!!

Bonjour, monsieur St-Armour, comment allez-vous? Er, that's about as far as my French goes so we'll stop right there and I'll continue in my mother tongue... thanks for joining us!

Tad Morose: Coming in From the Cold

Get ready for their first album in a Decade!

It’s been ten long years since pioneering Swedish progressive power metal act Tad Morose released their acclaimed Modus Vivendi album.

Vorna - Ajastaika – (Inverse Records)

True, melodic folk.
Release Date: 
20 Sep 2013 - 12:30pm

Vorna was formed back in 2008, but just now they are releasing their excellent debut Ajastaika.