Buried in Verona - Faceless (UNFD)

Crushing, melodic, all the good things...
Release Date: 
6 Mar 2014 - 11:30pm

Sydney metalcore exponents Buried in Verona don’t much care whether you like them or not (indeed their press release screams a big 'FUCK YOU!!' at dissenters and non believers ever

Origin Announce Australian Tour

A Promise To Tear You A New Origin...

Quite possibly the most destructive and heaviest tour of the year will roar across the nation this May with US tech-death giants, Origin leading, A Million Dead Birds Laugh

Darkyra - Dragon Tears (Own Label)

Nice entry to the world of female-fronted gothic rock..
Release Date: 
20 Feb 2014 (All day)

Female-fronted gothic rock. No, no, come back!