Shai Hulud - Reach Beyond the Sun (Metal Blade)

Attention Young People! This is how it's done...
Release Date: 
17 Feb 2013 - 11:30pm

There’s something unnervingly insidious about American veterans Shai Hulud.

Iced Earth: Live in Ancient Kourion Ready to Hit Stores!

Iced Earth in all their metal glory... in a Cypriot Amphitheatre!

Since last album Dystopia was released in October of 2011, Iced Earth has been on the attack in a big way, playing more shows in the past year than in the previous ten yea

Gallows, Shai Hulud, Confession, Milestones, The Corner Hotel, Melbourne - 26/02/13

Blink 182? Garbage! The howling spirit of dirty rock n' roll punched its way up through the Corner Hotel summoned by Gallows and Shai Hulud.

What’s with the god damn weather in this town?

‘The whole tagline with Beholder is honesty.’ Frontman Simon Hall tells it like it is.

Behold! ‘Genuine, hard working, British metal’.

Shaven headed, tattooed and built like a concrete water closet, Simon Hall is every inch the heavy metal star he should be.