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Parental Advisory: Hilarious Metal Content – Edguy, Fucking with Fuck and F***

Bassist Tobias Exxel loves to have a laugh – and so do Edguy. Fresh from a US tour, Tobi sits down and chats with Metal As Fuck about our (and seemingly their) favorite profane expression, expressing our enthusiasm for a certain music genre.

Tobias Exxel misses the United States. “I’m sitting at my home in Germany,” he tells me. “It’s cold, the weather isn’t very good.

Epica - Design Your Universe (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Imagine if there was a power metal version of Dave Mustaine, except he was a she and that she wasn't ugly. Well, it's worth thinking about as the beautiful, flame-haired Simone Simons voice takes flight on what will be considered Epica's breakthrough album.

I’m always torn about Epica; in their early days I considered them to be an ego-driven After Forever rip-off, treading the line between gothic and power meta

Scar Symmetry - Dark Matter Dimensions (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

What do the seasoned practitioners of melodic death metal in the 21st Century have in store for us, the jaded listener? Wily chops, fret-burning bravado and not much else.

Scar Symmetry open their fourth release with a triumphant flourish of regal guitar lines, heralding a new age in the band’s history.

Teenage Rampage: Kid Metal Reviewers and Wankery

Crushtor reveals first hand that professional music reviewing should not be an occupation entered into at a young age. (Cameron Crowe can suck it!)

I remember trolling up the internet as a youth, connecting to the internet with a rectangular, flashing, screeching machine known as an external modem patiently waiting as it jacked me into the inf

Two Days of No Grays - Sonata Arctica's Henkka Klingenberg

Sonata Arctica have never been to Australia before, let alone an Australian international metal festival. Keyboardist Henkka Klingenberg gives us the skinny on their upcoming tours, their new album and their... video game?

Back in the day, as many a lion-maned power metal enthusiast could attest, Finland's Sonata Arctica was the band that so many turned to when they wanted a power ballad of epic

The Metal Game(r)

Thinking back to my uni days, I figure that metalheads and gamers are more similar than they realize.

There's something to be said about metal and games. The more I talk to gamers and remembering my own gaming days (damn DRM, ruining my fun) metalheads and gamers have a lot in common.

An Endless Metal Summer From Afar - Sami Hinkka of Ensiferum

Ever heard of a guy that won a Battle of the Bands as well as coming second AND third? We haven't either - but Sami Hinkka of Finnish folk metallers Ensiferum could have, if he really wanted. He also talks tours, bass and "From Afar."

There’s one thing that Sami Hinkka, bassist of Finnish power metal megastars Ensiferum wants to clarify – once and for all.

Sonata Arctica - The Days of Grays (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Tuomas Holopainen and Tony Kakko walk into a bar. Tuomas knocks himself out. Before he can recover, Tony steals his songbook, turns his amps to 11 and sets out to record "The Days of Grays."
Release Date: 
17 Sep 2009 (All day)

No, really. From the sweet orchestral instrumental introduction to the opening lines sung by a dulcet female voice, they echo Nightwish note for note.

Argument Soul - Conflict Of Crisis (AmpHead)

Combining power metal, thrash and hard rock, Japan's Argument Soul deliver their newest release in Conflict Of Crisis.

When you normally think of a power metal band, you might think of a band from Europe or in some cases, Australia or US/Canada.

Therion - The Miskolc Experience (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

If there's one band that can inspire lion-maned headbanging metalheads to attend an opera festival, it's Therion. In the Miskolc Experience, black ties and black tour T-Shirts collide.
Release Date: 
4 Jun 2009 - 11:30pm

Shying away from seemingly humble death metal beginnings, Therion gradually morphed into an orchestral metal titan, gradually adding violins and choirs until the entire Pra