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Fifteen Albums that Shook the Twentieth Century: Black Space Riders' JE...

'Unfortunately Van Halen paved the way for hair metal'...

Greetings, and welcome to Metal as Fuck… In our latest strand of Q&A interviews we’re looking at fifteen albums we consider to have been important landmarks in the world of hea

A Forest Of Stars - Beware The Sword You Cannot See (Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions)

Enormous folk/psychedelic/progressive steam punk black metal...
Release Date: 
3 Mar 2015 - 12:30am

Jeebers! How do you sum up an album like this?

Spirits of The Dead - Rumours of a Presence (The End Records)

The Norwegian quartet return with their third album.
Release Date: 
9 Dec 2013 (All day)

Spirits of the Dead's latest album Rumours of a Presence is an autonomous statement of modern psychedelia, with meticulous production and thought crafting every

Ancient VVisdom - A Godlike Inferno (Prosthetic Records)

Intriguing Satanic reissue...
Release Date: 
23 Apr 2012 - 11:30pm

Look, we know this has been out for over a year but it seems to be getting something of a reactivation in Australia through Prosthetic Records; We didn’t review it last year

The Atlas Moth: An Ache for the Distance to see limited vinyl release

Plus new tour dates announced...

Brutal Panda Records is set to release Chicago’s progressive, psychedelic sludge mavens The Atlas Moth’s sophomore opus, An Ache For The Distance