Published December 2009

The Best and Worst of 2009

Pulling together a 'best and worst of' is difficult even in the best circumstances. When you have a team worldwide with hugely diverse taste and over 90 nominated albums, it's even harder. But out of all of that, there was one clear winner: Goatwhore.




Athiest - Unquestionable Presence: Live at Wacken/Pieces Of Time 1988-1993 (Relapse/Riot)

All you tech-death heads must listen to this. It will be a good history lesson.

Goddamn yes! I had an Atheist poster on my bedroom wall as a kid.

Razor of Occam - Homage to Martyrs (Metal Blade/Riot)

Razor Of Occam's debut album is furious cheese saturation for those trying times.

Razor of Occam, former Aussies hailing from the City of Churches (Adelaide), now residing in Britain, fina

Annotations Of An Autopsy - II: The Reign Of Darkness (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

They're back. And they're still fucking angry.
Release Date: 
8 Jan 2010 - 10:30am

As with virtually all metal bands of recent years, Annotations Of An Autopsy (AOAA) have struggled against the pervasive need for categorisation that all music fan

Arkona - Live For the Glory (Vic Records/Riot)

Ahhh, you gotta love a bit of live Slavic pagan/folk metal, but Russian goth rock? Are they taking the piss?

I found this a surprising package to receive.

Wodensthrone - Loss (Bindrune recordings/Earsplit)

If there was to be a funeral for Old England, what would be the most suitable music? Wodenthrone's Loss, of course...

Once again in 2009 we have a concept album of epic proportions.

Dark Funeral - Angelus Exuro pro Eternus (Regain/Riot)

Dark Funeral come blasting out of the blackness with their latest offering. It's a movement up and forwards; it's more technical and varied; and it's also very, very addictive.

An uncompromising release, Dark Funeral's Angelus Exuro pro Eternus kicks off at full speed with The end of human race. It's a feast of minor chords and catchy rh

Dez Fafara, DevilDriver’s hard rockin' working man

Touring for almost three years straight, the human canvas and vocal powerhouse Dez Fafara of DevilDriver talks shop with Metal as Fuck as we discuss his recent Aussie tour, the workload, the demise of Coal Chamber, and his personal favourite beverage: wine.

“Man, I love being here in Australia.

Lamb of God, DevilDriver, Shadows Fall @ Thebarton Theatre (Adelaide), 16 Dec 2009

A night of speed-infused heaviness, invoking a party some atmosphere amongst bands and fans alike. Told early on this was no ordinary concert: this was a party, all three bands, Shadows Fall, DevilDriver and Lamb of God, performed with enthusiasm encouraging revellers to a frenzy.

Human Horror Industry: we talk to Kinetic

Greek band Kinetic have expanded from four members to six over the years, and dedicate their lives to the music. To talk about how the band works, and their upcoming release Human Horror Industry, MaF caught up with vocalist/bassist Savvas Betinas.