Published July 2009

Copremesis – Muay Thai Ladyboys (Paragon/Earsplit)

When your name means “vomiting fecal matter” you really are setting yourself up for bad reviews aren’t you? But you know what, these shit spewing death/grind New Yorkers nail it on this, their debut album.

I have to confess I am an old fart and I usually prefer my music to have those silly things like melodies and lyrics I can hear, so I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the death/grind

Conspiracy - Concordat (Pulverised/AmpHead)

One man band Alex “Carpathian Wolf” (formerly Al’ Hazred of Melechesh) unleashes his second solo album under the Conspiracy moniker, Concordat. This release is an unapologetic, back-to-basics punch in the face.
Release Date: 
6 Jun 2009 (All day)

On this album, Alex throws in some basic, distinctly thrashy elements into the guitar work and combines traditional tremolo picking with punk-styled shredding.

Tribulation - The Horror (Pulverised/AmpHead)

A classic death metal sound; ideal for headbanging to yet with more depth and complexity to offer than limiting speed-guitar and brutal drums. Songs of horror, with touches of haunting piano. 'The Horror' is an impressive debut album from Swedish band Tribulation.

Tribulation’s debut album The Horror is high-quality, old-school death metal.

EU Versus US Metal: ideas, factors, and themes

The third metal chat on Twitter focused on European versus US metal, and any themes, notions, or ideas related to this topic.


Cain's Offering - Gather The Faithful (Frontiers/Riot)

There's no doubt that eyes have been fixed firmly in the direction of ex-Sonata Arctica songwriter/guitarist Jani Liimatainen since the inception of Cain's Offering, and the debut offering from the power metal quintet clearly has a heritage to uphold.
Release Date: 
28 Aug 2009 (All day)

Album opener, My Queen of Winter feels a bit like it starts halfway through.

BerserkerfoX - King Kong On Crack EP (Independent)

This young Melbournian metal group has released a teaser for their upcoming album - a sign of things to come.

It's always interesting to hear some material from up-and-coming artists, so when the opportunity arose to review Melbourne metallers BerserkerfoX's EP King Kong On Crack,

Kraterface – Rock’n’Roll Or Die (Transphonic Records)

He ain’t fucking dead!! Bon Lives!! And he’s back with an album that reeks of whiskey, cigarettes and hard times. And after that initial laughter dies in your throat you’ll be banging your fists on the bar, demanding another drink and toasting these bastards for bringing him back.

Of course, we know he is dead but if Bon Scott was going to be resurrected it makes sense that he wouldn’t come back as some skinny European kid wearing spiked bracelets, or

Beneath The Massacre - Dystopia (Prosthetic records)

Beneath the Massacre offer a brain-crushing style with Dystopia that is beyond reproach.
Release Date: 
1 Oct 2008 (All day)


20 Years of Wacken: Part Four – Time to Celebrate (2005-2009)

The past five years has marked a lead-up to something that the creators of Wacken Open Air had probably hoped to see, but never thought they would: the festival's twentieth birthday. And despite some grumblings among the fans about the delay on announcing line-ups, and other problems that have been thrown in the organisers' way, this major event is set to kick off in about five days time.

By Goatlady and LeticiaS

Alarming Sounds: Threat Signal on lighting the flame of Vigilance

Threat Signal - Canadian, heavy and proud of it. What's not to like? Hellishly loud thrashy melodic death from the great white north might cause avalanches, though...

You know your band’s on a winning streak when you’re able to land yourself on a bill with melodic death metal mainstays such as Arch Enemy and Soilwork