published March 2010

Moss - Tombs Of The Blind Drugged (Rise Above/Riot)

Inspired by the shambling zombie Templar Knight priests of the Blind Dead movies, doom metal band Moss drag forth four tracks of clawing, shambling monstrosities of their own, including a Discharge cover.

Remember the days when Type O Negative were still in the throes of hate and Pete Steele wasn’t yet a goth icon/laughing stock?  That moment during U

Corporatus Metallus: The Mad Social Experiment of a UK Metalhead continues...

Our experiment continues. Have we found a 'non-metal' man in the corporate world willing to put the stereotypes of metal to one side and get involved in the scene? Read on...

It's been about six months since the first Corporatus Metallus column for reasons that I will shortly go into so let me refresh your memories; I'm what the hippies would refer to a

Gallery: Wolves in the Throne Room @ The Gaelic (Sydney)

Wolves in the Throne Room and Monarch's joint tour hits Sydney for two shows one at The Gaelic and the 2nd at The Bald Faced Stag

Burzum - Belus (Byelobog Productions/Plastic Head)

The Return of Varg Vikernes. Love him or hate him, it was bound to happen.
Release Date: 
7 Mar 2010 (All day)