published November 2009

Genre, charts and metal: Trevor Strnad talks Deflorate

The Black Dahlia Murder released their latest album just last month: Deflorate. To talk about the album and what's going on in the BDM camp, I caught up with frontman Trevor Strnad for a bit of a chat.


Darkest Hour - The Eternal Return (Victory/Stomp)

Being their sixth album, The Eternal Return combines a lot of Darkest Hour's best efforts from their older material with some different, and established, elements.

There are many bands in the worldwide metal scene that take a little bit out of many genres and mash it together, making something that, to the band's ears is unique and fresh, but to many listener

Amon Amarth @ Club Capitol (Perth), 24 Nov 2009

Perth: ransacked.

The tickets quite clearly said that doors opened at 7.30 pm, but with the support slot once occupied by Victorians Nothing now empty, the venue apparently decided to change that to

Templestowe - Cimmerian (unsigned)

There's not much to do in Canberra so you'd hope that Templestowe would have plenty of time to stay at home and write a good album. Seems that's exactly what they've done.

The first thing that struck me about this independently produced CD is the quality of product they've put together.

Opeth @ The Palace (Melbourne), 25 Nov 2009

A resplendent night of awe-inspiring metal and music from the genre's flagship group.

Walking up to the Palace Theatre, the line extended up the street and around the corner. Melbourne looked as if it were under siege from an invasion of black-clad headbangers.

Obituary @ The Amplifer Bar (Perth), 22 Nov 2009

Final thoughts… final thoughts!

A small but dedicated crowd gathered at the Amplifier Bar on what was a warm Perth Sunday.

Vader, Decrepit Birth, Warbringer, The Amenta, Augury @ El Corazon (Seattle) 23 Nov 2009

An assembly of performers from every corner of the globe come together to show everyone that, here in Seattle, the death metal scene is alive and well.

On November 23rd five of metal's heaviest hitters descended upon Seattle's well known venue, El Corazon.